This page is maybe not up-to-date, Discord has the most recent changelogs. Scroll down to get the latest changes.

Fast jump by year: 2022, 2023, 2024



  • Added drawers mod
  • Refactored some functions in hudbars
  • updated darkage (ABM speedup)
  • updated ethereal (ABM speedup)
  • Added a Skin button in the inventory
  • Increased spawn rate of some animals (+25%)
  • Removed the unused Clear inv button in unified_inventory
  • Disabled armor drop on death


  • Fixed not visible recipes with stairs


  • Removed nss_helicopter
  • Added streets
  • Updated bees (ABM speedup)
  • Fixed not working crafting recipes in xdecor
  • Reduced spawn chance of sequoia trees
  • Added jump and speed multiplier to mithril boots


  • Fixed crash in forceload restriction
  • Notify staff when a player joins with VPN
  • Updated dummies (fixed undecleared var warnings)


  • Fixed crash when digging techage:cooler
  • Increased spawn rate of monsters (+50%)
  • Updated lcdlib
  • Updated caverealms_lite (new obsidian glass recipe)
  • Updated moretrees
  • Updated moreblocks (More recipe related fixes)
  • Fixed a crash in chatplus


  • Decreased max forceload blocks per player to 3
  • Removed unused Beech nodes in moretrees
  • Added Dry ice


  • Updated titanium (crafting recipes)
  • Override digiline:chest
  • Updated ethereal (spong recipe)
  • Added crafting recipe for Dry ice


  • Updated the server to Minetest 5.6.1 (including MTG)
  • Updated LuaJIT to latest master
  • Updated farming


  • Fixed crash in archtec_teleport
  • Fixed crash in pride_flags
  • Updated travelnet
  • Updated mobs_redo
  • Updated mob_horse


  • Give every new player a Techage construction board
  • Added cheat logger function
  • Updated mobs_monster (cleanup)
  • Updated mobs_animal (cleanup)
  • Updated abriglass (LBM performance)
  • Updated futil
  • Updared unified_inventory (removed unused buttons)
  • Updated technic_chests (removed locked chest recipe)
  • Updated moreblocks (removed unused category)
  • Updated ethereal(cleanup [2000 lines])
  • Updated techage (ingame documentation fixes)


  • Removed not working stairs recipes


  • Fixed 28 of 31 not working crafting recipes
  • Refactored some things in archtec_xx mods
  • Updated castle_mansonry (LBM performance)
  • Updated colored_concrete (translations)
  • Updated xdecor (removed packed ice/new rune recipe)
  • Disabled a globalstep in the ts_furniture mod (performance)


  • Better xban notification handler
  • Updated cblocks (code tidy)
  • Updated moreblocks (circular saw fixes)


  • Grant the forceload priv automatically when placing a drillbox
  • Improved /playtime command
  • Updated ethereal (moretrees compat)
  • Updated farming (faster cocoa generate code)
  • Updated smartshop (fixes)
  • Updated mobs_redo (tidy code)


  • Increased active block range to 4
  • Fixed some recipes
  • Added a join ratelimiter
  • Updated unified_inventory (tidy code)
  • Updated xban2 (fix not working discord integration)
  • Updated mesecons (hydroturbine recipe fix)


  • Fixed crafting recipe of palace glas
  • Re-enabled darkage Lua mapgen


  • Added custom /status message
  • Improved some functions in archtec mod
  • Added delay param to /sd command


  • Added bushes:BushLeaves_xx to group:leaves group
  • Updated abriglass (pattern recipes)


  • Added mapserver mod to see players on the server map
  • Added some help messages
  • Fixed crash when sending to long messages
  • Updated colored_concrete (redo)
  • Updated drawers (allow controller to store item when drawers are full)
  • Updated ethereal (changed bush texture)
  • Updated farming (changed melone texture)
  • Updated futil (performance, mod storage api)
  • Updated item_drop (handle old node defs)
  • Updated smartshop (futil compat)
  • Updated mobs_npc (screwdriver fix)
  • Updated node_entity_queue (groups support)
  • Updated techage (ethereal leaves support)


  • Added shortcommands for areas
  • Block to put invisible armor into armor stands
  • Updated colored_concrete (fix broken translations)
  • Updated futil (fixes; new functions)
  • Updated letters (code cleanup)

2022-10-15 2

  • Fixed broken invisible armor
  • Updated drawers (reverted last update; idk why)


  • Added a performance patch to darkage mapgen


  • Implemented a function to cache privs
  • Implemented a function to get online_players faster
  • Improved item_drop mod
  • Updated archtec_pvp (fixed wrong message formatting)
  • Updated customskins (cleanup; performance)
  • Updated 3d_armor_ui (new model based player preview in armor tab)
  • Updated farming (fixed drops and recipes)
  • Updated homedecor (fixed wrong aligned door textures)
  • Updated mobs_redo (improved smooth rotation)
  • Updated techage (new isobutane recipe)
  • Removed player_monoids (it was too buggy)

2022-10-22 2

  • Fixed not working VPN blocker


  • Added a new hunger system based on stamina
  • Removed hbhunger and hudbars`
  • Added /watch command (staff only)
  • Added /joined (get first join date of a player)
  • Improved /privs_cache command
  • Added archtec_physic mod
  • Added new help messages
  • Full redo of archtec_vpn_blocker
  • Updated action_queues (bump needed futil version)
  • Updated customskins (fixed preview in /skin)
  • Updated bees (abm descriptions)
  • Updated bonemeal (support for new farming redo plants)
  • Updated chatplus (code cleanup)
  • Updated display_modpack (on_blast callback)
  • Updated ethereal (fixed plant generation)
  • Updated farming (added ginger)
  • Updated futil (many things)
  • Updated mobs_animal (ABM speedup)
  • Updated mobs_monster (ABM speedup; new textures)
  • Updated mobs_npc (added dialogs)
  • Updated mobs_redo (fixed peaceful mode)
  • Updated moretrees (no biome lib depend, crafting improvements)
  • Updated node_entity_queue (bump needed futil version)
  • Updated signs_lib (on_blast callback; custom edit priv)
  • Updated unified_inventory (hide disabled buttons)
  • Updated minetest_game (disabled not needed LBMs)

2022-10-29 2

  • Fixed a crash in archtec_stamina


  • Fixed not updating hudbar in archtec_stamina
  • Improved /watch and /unwatch

2022-10-30 2

  • Fixed broken healing


  • Enabled monitoring for lag detection


  • Improved and refactored the Archtec bot


  • Added /geoip command (staff only)
  • Improved placing of dry ice
  • Ratelimited joins to 1 every 3 seconds
  • Changed biome_lib elevation range to 0-48
  • Updated basic_materials (stripped materials)
  • Updated bonemeal (helper functions)
  • Updated `castle_masonry (remove intllib support)
  • Updated colored_concrete (fixed translations; maintenance)
  • Updated digicolor (mod.conf)
  • Updated emote (eye offset)
  • Updated ethereal (crystal shovel improvements)
  • Updated facade (compressed media files)
  • Updated farming (esperanto translations)
  • Updated futil (mod.conf)
  • Updated smartshop (mof.conf)
  • Updated mobs_redo (luacheck)
  • Updated node_entity_queue (mod.conf)
  • Updated plantlife (things without changes for the server)
  • Updated ropes (recipe fix for wood ladder)
  • Updated techage (many fixes)
  • Updated towercrane (esperanto translations)


  • Untamed Mobs will not be removed once a map chunk is out of view
  • Updated itemframes (logging)
  • Updated farming (sugar cube)
  • Updated areas (translation fixes)
  • Updated plantlife (vines upside down fix)
  • Updated techage (documentation)
  • Updated technic_cnc (compressed obj files)
  • Updated archtec_stamina (fixed healing, try no. 4)
  • Updated ethereal (lilac, leaves fix)
  • Updated futil (many things)
  • Updated smartshop (higher res entity rendering)


  • Fixed healing
  • Disabled darkage lua mapgen (performance)


  • Updated LuaJIT to latest master
  • Added some improvements for the healing system (thx Juri)


  • Remade bridger mod
  • Updated abriglass (crafting fixes)
  • Removed some abriglass nodes
  • Updated bonemeal (support for new plants)
  • Updated darkage (ix glas recipes)
  • Updated farming (increase barley steps to 8)
  • Updated homedecor (fake fire restarts automatically)
  • Updated mobs_animal (fix sheeps losing their protection)
  • Updated mobs_redo (meta for extra drops)
  • Updated quartz (ore is not longer in group:stone)
  • Updated signs_bot (fix bot movement)
  • Updated techage (detect mesecons correctly)
  • Updated tubelib2 (fix translations)
  • Updated xdecor (move changes into archtec mod)


  • Added some debug tools for performance
  • Updated moreores (fix hoe recipes)
  • Updated drawers (techage support)
  • Updated wine (new textures)
  • Updated farming (new textures)
  • Updated techage (updated ingame manuals)
  • Updated mobs_redo (new textures, meat block)
  • Updated hopper (license)
  • Updated signs_bot (crash fixes)
  • Updated bakedclay (license)
  • Updated tubelib2 (chinese translation)
  • Updated signs_lib (fix wrong usage of default global)


  • Updated LuaJIT
  • Prematurely pulled /help privs fix


  • Added skinned hands in 1st person
  • Added some more lag values to /status
  • Enabled 3d_armor fire mode
  • Reworked notifyTeam function
  • Updated action_queues (fmod)
  • Updated bonemeal (fix usage)
  • Updated chatplus (localize functions)
  • Updated digicolor (fmod)
  • Updated ethereal (new textures)
  • Updated futil (too much for this changelog)
  • Updated mesecons (translation support)
  • Updated smartshop (fmod, currency)
  • Updated mobs_redo (yaw climbing fix)
  • Updated node_entity_queue (fmod)
  • Updated ts_furniture (ignore tree group)

2022-12-03 2

  • Enabled cherrytree mod


  • Added christmastree
  • Added mymillwork
  • Added castle_storage
  • Added stairs for moreblocks:empty_shelf
  • Added 3d_armor upstream changes


  • Enabled bushed_classic, poisonivy`
  • Re-added dates and digital clocks
  • Updated christmastree (fix crafting recipe)

2022-12-09 2

  • Added cottages mod
  • Changed some telemosaic settings


  • Added /request_lava and /request_areas_high_limit chatcommands
  • Added some new help messages
  • Added a special mymillwork node (base_)
  • Disabled bed spawn at death
  • Disabled torch damage
  • Updated techage (many fixes)
  • Updated mesecons (unittests)
  • Updated xban2 (fix ingame chat message)
  • Updated signs_lib (logging)
  • Updated tubelib2 (tube placement)
  • Updated chatplus (logging)
  • Updated mobs_npc (new textures)
  • Updated unified_inventory (farming as opt-depend)


  • Added /spawn_old and /s_o
  • Added /vote_day and /vote_night
  • Refactored the voting api
  • Improved returns of many chatcommands
  • Block self vote-kicks
  • Fixed not working TA growlight
  • Removed mesecons_wireless and claycrafter
  • Updated mobs_redo (fix userdata crash)
  • Updated mesecons (FPGA metadata fix)
  • Updated anvil (portuguese Brazilian translation)
  • Updated smartshop (currency support)
  • Updated itemframes (mod loaded msg)
  • Updated farming (new textures)
  • Updated bakedclay (better cnc register)
  • Updated bonemeal (small poplar sapling)
  • Updated mob_horse (loaded msg)
  • Updated digilines (fix Z-fighting LCD text)


  • Vote automatically yes if you start a vote
  • Updated mobs_animal (fix evil bunny)
  • Updated ethereal (new fish textures)
  • Updated dummies (spawn other players)

2022-12-22 2

  • Added choppy mod
  • Updated mobs_redo (userdata crash fix no.2)
  • Removed unused /memory command


  • Added choppy support to more axes
  • Golden apple fills hunger now completely
  • Updated 3d_armor (Qol)
  • Updated ethereal (new textures)
  • Updated mesecons (removed log message at server startup)


  • Updated farming (missing textures)
  • Updated bakedclay (fixed CNC)


  • Improved /vote_day and /vote_night
  • Removed black namecolor
  • Updated drawers (transalations)
  • Updated networks (fix crash)
  • Updated safer_lua (limit code execution time)

2022-12-30 2

  • Added some debug infos for staff members
  • Updated techage (doc KI2 chip)
  • Played with some mesecons_dbug settings
  • Reduced biome_lib handle mapblocks per second setting
  • Updated LuaJIT


  • Improved behavior of /tpr and /tp2me
  • Improved discord -> ingame chat messages
  • Updated technic_chests (TA tubes support)
  • Updated techage (silicon recipe)
  • Updated unified_inventory (scroll height calculation)



  • Fixed broken towercrane with heights <42
  • Enabled far mobs removing
  • Updated mydoors (mesecons support)


  • Increased max players from 15 to 20


  • Cleaned-up votes code
  • Fixed cottages recipes
  • Removed Ironman skin
  • Added a hot fix for drawers crashes
  • Updated customskins (cleanup)
  • Updated smartshop (sprite fixes)
  • Updated minecart (command interface)
  • Updated unified_inventory (centre page label)
  • Updated hangglider (cleanup)
  • Updated ethereal (new textures, license things)
  • Updated techage (countdown mode, growlight fix, recipes)
  • Disabled mesecons_commandblock mod


  • Fixed signs_bot MTG flower support
  • Updated atm (critical: fix missing io.close)
  • Updated techage (fix wafer recipe)
  • Updated chatplus (fix crash)
  • Updated digilines (ES locales)
  • Updated unified_inventory (improve group matching)


  • Improved vote handling a bit
  • Improved archtecs crafting fix system
  • Default chest and furnance can be moved with pistons
  • Christmas stocking can be moved by piston anymore
  • Updated mobs_monster (remove old mese monster)
  • Updated futil (many things)
  • Updated `fireworkz (respect protections)
  • Updated travelnet (new datastorage system)
  • Updated unified_inventory (new CC sounds)


  • Fixed black sky
  • Cleaned-up archtec server mod
  • Updated techage (fix cement recipe)
  • Updated smartshop (secure formspec)

2023-01-15 2

  • Re-enabled mapserver


  • Removed blue namecolor
  • Updated travelnet (check above node)
  • Updated drawers (fix crash)
  • Updated signs_bot (fix crash)
  • Cleaned-up our 3d_armor fork
  • Cleaned-up our display_modpack fork


  • Fixed double registered armor crafts
  • Removed nether shield
  • Updated minecart (fix disappearing hopper items)
  • Updated wine (fix crash)


  • Updated cottages (crash fix)
  • Updated farming (abm labels)


  • Fixed a crash in /watch
  • Updated choppy (fix /toggle_choppy) - thx drokenforge
  • Updated cool_trees (general mod cleanup)
  • Updated ethereal (add some biomes to mapgen)
  • Updated mesecons_debug (mod cleanup)
  • Updated smartshop (fix crash)
  • Updated stairsplus/moreblocks (improve mtg stairs compat)
  • Updated moreores (tool groups)
  • Updated mydoors (fence support)
  • Updated plantlife (fix texture issues)
  • Updated techage (fix crash)
  • Updated unified_inventory (fix not working search bar)

2023-01-28 2

  • Enabled stairs replacement mod
  • Disabled monitoring


  • Added data api: (thanks for testing drokenforge and Juri/debagos)
  • Folowing stats are currently enabled: nodes dug, nodes placed, items crafted, death counter, playtime, average playtime, sent chatmessages, account creation date, join counter. Have fun:)
  • Watch the stats of a player with /stats <name>
  • Removed choppy function from axes, use the chainsaw now (I forgot the recipe, shame on me)
  • Enabled ethereal`s coral and sponge generation
  • Updated wine (fix old barrel fs)
  • Updated ethereal (upstream)
  • Updated minecart (beduino support)
  • Updated techage (fix digtron crash)


  • Fixed a crash in all /request_* commands
  • Updated signs_bot (fix fall_down on rail)


  • Added a recipe for the chainsaw
  • Added new stats (what a player can do)
  • Enabled Iluushroom generation
  • Updated mobs_animal (fix black sheep)
  • Updated techage (flycontroller fixes)


  • Fixed a crash when using the chainsaw
  • Improved /stats backend api
  • Fixed a crash in chatplus
  • Updated techage (move controller improvements)
  • Updated minecart (removed EOL blanks)
  • Updated biofuel (add esperanto transaltions)


  • Starting vote day/night now costs 3 etherium dust
  • Added colors to /stats
  • Added new help messages
  • Updated techage (fix multiple crashes)
  • Updated 3d_armor (better fire protection)
  • Updated mobs_redo (better water avoidance)
  • Updated mobs_animal (better water avoidance)
  • Updated signs_bot (set_param2 sign)

2023-02-11 2

  • Updated mapserver
  • Added ingame notification if someone runs !status


  • Updated techage (add empty_spool as fab output)
  • Updated futil (resolve_itemstack; sort_keys)
  • Updated fmod (parse flags settings)


  • Migrated the chat bridge from my old chatplus_discord mod to my new Matterbridge implementation
  • Improved chat bridge handling in many situations
  • Added nice color effects to some chatcommands
  • Added /network_info command (staff only)
  • Updated all mods which interact with the discord/matterbridge api
  • Updated farming (fix onion blur)
  • Updated choppy (fix enabled cache after toggle)
  • Updated glass_stained (fix warnings)
  • Updazed wine (dye recipe for agave->cyan)
  • Updated futil (random_unit_vector and is_indoors)
  • Updated minecart (hopper support for signs bot)
  • Updated graystone (new free textures)
  • Updated techage (expand sequencer wrench menu)
  • Updated autobahn (fix physics with mihtril boots)


  • Added /thankyou <name> command
  • Removed fire damage from torches (again)
  • Updated techage (bug fixes)
  • Updated networks (bug fixes)


  • Fixed ugly looking fakegrass blocks
  • Improved kick notification handler
  • Improved matterbridge anti leak system
  • Updated techage (fix alpha texture issue)
  • Updated homedecor (fix translation issue)


  • Enabled all moreblocks aliases (fixes some crafts)
  • Enabled cottages feldweg
  • Updated mesecons (disable LuaC print -> actionstream)
  • Updated minecart (paramtype instructions)
  • Updated moretrees (merge with upstream)
  • Updated quartz (translations)
  • Improved server settings for mesecons
  • Improved matterbridge code
  • Improved help messages
  • Removed invisible_wall


  • Fixed a crash with falling nodes and playerdata api
  • Fixed a crash when using /watch


  • Updated mobs_redo (A*/AStar pathfinder support (faster pathfinder); animals behave less like robots)
  • Updated unified_inventory_all (“Craft All” now supports on_craft callbacks)
  • Updated techage (fix crashes, rework door controller)
  • Updated futil (FakeInventory)


  • Re-enabled archtec_mapserver (added some lag checks)

2023-03-04 2

  • Improved death messages
  • Improved way to get the adv_buckets priv
  • Cleanup some internal code
  • Updated techage (Reduce the number of necessary exp points)


  • Fixed broken vote-kick
  • Improved coloring of votes
  • Improved coloring of death messages
  • Updated techage (fix possible bug in techage:ta4_display)
  • Updated mobs_redo (turn/animate mob on knockback)
  • Updated xban2 (fix typo in discord support)


  • Fixed a crash in archtec_matterbridge
  • Updated techage (Improve transformer and electricmeter)
  • Updated signs_bot (fix crash)
  • Updated towercrane (make nodes undropable)


  • Increased max forceload blocks per player to 4
  • Improved vote-kick security
  • Fixed a crash in facade


  • Reverted last mobs_redo update
  • Added player pos to /report
  • Added a broken recipe checker


  • Updated farming (fix plant names)


  • Migrated all remaining joinDateV2 to joinDateV3


  • Improved matterbridge settings (block @everyone; disabled sending of edits to mt)

Switch to monthly feature updates (e.g. 23.04)


  • Added GitHub support to /report
  • Added (idle) to idle player names
  • Added a new ranks api
  • Added a new death messages api
  • Added a new music api
  • Added a new privs grant/revoke api
  • Added tool breakage warnings
  • Added /recipe_check command
  • Added support for translatable join/leave messages
  • Improved playerdata player join handler
  • Improved cheat reports
  • Improved chainsaw repair method
  • Improved choppy speed (x2.1)
  • Fix command pattern matching from Discord
  • Fix crashes in /sd
  • Updated anvil (improve german translations)
  • Updated auroras (fix black sky)
  • Updated bakedclay (option to disable aliases)
  • Updated basic_materials (techage aluminium support)
  • Updated bees (fix nil ItemStack crash)
  • Updated bonemeal (code tidy)
  • Updated chatplus (new storage system)
  • Updated choppy (new hud/waypoint system)
  • Updated ethereal (improve textures)
  • Updated facade (fix crash)
  • Updated farming (improve pea textures)
  • Updated fmod (new get_settings function)
  • Updated futil (many improvements)
  • Updated greek (fix nil ItemStack crash)
  • Updated `hangglider (fix fly upwards; configurable areas warning time)
  • Updated home_workshop_modpack (fix nil ItemStack crash(es))
  • Updated mesecons (new noteblock sounds)
  • Updated smartshop (testing suite)
  • Updated mobs_monster (new textures and models)
  • Updated mobs_npc (mcl2 support)
  • Updated mobs_redo (fix crashes)
  • Updated moreblocks (fix crafting conflict)
  • Updated mydoors (add saloon door recipes)
  • Updated signs_bot (improve compost)
  • Updated techage (move controller and logic fixes)
  • Updated telemosaic (fix nil ItemStack crash; protect beacons)
  • Updated titanium (improve google detection)
  • Updated travelnet (fix many crashes due ItemStacks; support for custom privs)
  • Updated unifieddyes (syntax formatting)
  • Updated xban2 (code tidy) And much more…

2023-03-30 2

  • Fixed not updating idlekick nametag (add movement detection)


  • Added a chainsaw repair recipe with gasoline
  • Added more chatcommand logging
  • Improved cheat logging
  • Fixed that chatmessages dont remove the (idle)` nametag


  • Added a hopper limit (10 in a 24 nodes radius)
  • Added a TA quarry limit (3 in a 24 nodes radius)
  • Re-enabled the engine profiler


  • Enabled Techage Meridium
  • Added a new Google Glas light api (support for other glowing tools/nodes)
  • Re-added ghost crystal glass
  • Disabled the atm automatic income
  • Updated atm (new storage handler)
  • Updated mobs_redo (staticdata clean function)
  • Updated mobs_animal (new sheep textures)
  • Updated itemframes (new pedestral textures)
  • Updated techage (better mesecons converter)
  • Updated biofuel (new recipes)
  • Updated farming (seed improvements)


  • Fixed unknown item drops of basalt/bauxit stairs
  • Added sound_api (this enables more homedecor node sounds)
  • Updated techage (teleport mode for flycontroller)


  • Updated the server to Minetest 5.7.0 (including MTG)
  • Updated LuaJIT to latest master
  • Added a formspec to prevent unintentional vote-kicks
  • Added new help messages
  • Added a drawers limit (to prevent server bugs due too many entities)
  • Updated techage (deleted teleport mode)
  • Updated atm (fix not loading transactions)
  • Updated ethereal (schematic fixes, fish textures)
  • Updated bones (fix in void bone placement)
  • Updated titanium (disable light when it`s bright enough)
  • Updated fmod (fix negetation)
  • Updated smartshop (improve private stuff)
  • Updated futil (vector improvements)
  • Updated choppy (pausin mechanics)


  • Fixed sometimes not working node limiters
  • Removed long msg-splitter (not needed anymore)


  • Added /news command (will be executed at every join)
  • Added a signs_bot limit (7 in a 24 nodes radius)
  • Added an anti-lag on join patch to unified_inventory (for testing in production)
  • Enabled lightweight LuaController interrupts


  • Fixed 2 bugs in the playerdata api
  • Fixed server wide tool_breakage sounds
  • Do not print <player> left the game messages on-kick
  • Added a server lock mode
  • Added /lagometer command (staff only)
  • Added a check to prevent playing music without file


  • Added /ignore command (please read the tutorial)
  • Added castle_gates portcullis without moving function
  • Added /falling_nodes_cleanup command (staff only)
  • Added /vn and /vd commands (aliases to /vote_night and /vote_day)
  • Added the markers mod
  • Titanium won`t drop in TA sieves anymore
  • Matterbridge now replaces newlines with spaces
  • Added some mt 5.8 changes to prevent hard engine crashes and speedup crafting
  • Fixed some homedecor lamp crafting recipes
  • Updated 3d_armor (don`t trigger punch sounds when max_hp changes)
  • Updated atm (option to disable startbalance)
  • Updated bonemeal (support for new plants)
  • Updated castle_gates (fix 2 crashes)
  • Updated choppy (better tree detection)
  • Updated cottages (fix recipe issues)
  • Updated ethereal (new fishes and textures)
  • Updated farming (waving crops, new seeds)
  • Updated fmod (settings api)
  • Updated futil (vector revision)
  • Updated itemframes (fix pedestal removal on_blast)
  • Updated smartshop (tweak entity offsets)
  • Updated mobs_animal (add hairball item)
  • Updated mobs_npc (tweak punch animation)
  • Updated mobs_redo (attempt to stop spinny mobs)
  • Updated moretrees (spanish translation, fix date drops)
  • Updated pride_flags (german and french translation)
  • Updated techage (fix multiple formspec bugs)
  • Updated technic_chests (support for pulling specific stacks)
  • Updated wine (fill barrel with water sources)
  • Updated all flux mods (new license)


  • Added a hotifx for broken moretrees generation
  • Fixed a crash in /ignore
  • Staff members can now query the ignore list of other players

2023-05-01 2

  • Added a hotfix LBM to grow broken moretrees saplings


  • Updated ethereal (revert force_place commits)
  • Updated moretrees (fix typos in tree names)


  • Added /c command (channel based chat mod, please read the tutorial)
  • Added per placer settings (gear in inventory)
  • Added rhotator (new screwdriver with better UX)
  • Added a new replacer mod (faster, safer, better)
  • Added some internal lag detection tools
  • Added a spawn waypoint
  • Added a VPN blocker cache
  • Added stamine poisson
  • Improved many server sent messages
  • Improved tool breakage sounds
  • Improved the node limiter
  • Fixed players not re-spawning on join
  • Updated anvil (fix assignment to undeclared global)
  • Updated bonemeal (only take item when used on node)
  • Updated bridger (fix all crafts)
  • Updated castle_tapestripes (add collision boxes)
  • Updated caverealms (obsidian glass slab)
  • Updated choppy (many improvements, help formspec)
  • Updated cottages (api improvements)
  • Updated crafting_bench (disallow TNT blasts)
  • Updated digilines (do not report protection violations)
  • Updated ethereal (revert ALL force_place changes)
  • Updated farming (fix fix turkish delight recipe)
  • Updated futil (new vector functions)
  • Updated greek (fix infinite fire bowls)
  • Updated homedecor (fix cabinet crafts)
  • Updated hoppers (hoppers can now be placed in itemframes)
  • Updated itemframes (items can rotate inside itemframes)
  • Updated jonez (add persian styled nodes)
  • Updated smartshop (add on_blast functions to entities)
  • Updated mobs_animal (better sheep spawning, fix evil bunny attributes)
  • Updated mobs_monster (remember mese monster type)
  • Updated mobs_npc (order traders to stand/wander/follow)
  • Updated mobs_redo (many internal improvements)
  • Updated mydoors (enable all doors, fix labels)
  • Updated pride_flags (fix logic error)
  • Updated sings_bot (fix timer triggers bot)
  • Updated techage (add TA4 chargedetector, add bigger energy storages, documentation improvements)
  • Updated technic_chests (fix malformed translations)
  • Updated unified_invenntory_plus (improve logging)

2023-05-30 2

  • Allow more and bigger areas


  • Updated replacer (fix crash when hitting an entity with replacer)


  • Updated LuaJIT to latest master
  • Applied a patch to fix PvP crashes


  • Applied a patch to fix /tpr crashes
  • Fixed the last PvP patch so player interactions are working again


  • Added omnidriver (even better scredriver)
  • Added tape_measure (a tape to measure distances)
  • Added an option to disable automatic item pickup
  • Added 5 free night/day votings per player
  • Added /ignore support to main chat
  • Added logging to LuaC code
  • Added more tools breakage warnings
  • Added LBM and NodeTimer anti-lag tools
  • Added a check to prevent traps via /tpr
  • Added a longer bones waypoint timeout time (1 day instead of 1h)
  • Added a window to prevent players from changing their homepos by accident
  • Improved chainsaw stats help
  • Improved the archtec_playerdata backend
  • Updated 3d_armor (support more sounds)
  • Updated bonemeal (support new plants)
  • Updated caverealms (code and texture fixes)
  • Updated choppy (improved target finder)
  • Updated colored_concrete (chinese translation)
  • Updated cottages (sounds for water-fillable items)
  • Updated display_modpack (mt 5 translation support, 4 bugfixes)
  • Updated ethereal (liquid filled caves, new plants)
  • Updated fachwerk (fix nodes let light pass through them)
  • Updated farming (fix pineapple drops)
  • Updated futil (many improvements, as always)
  • Updated homedecor (replace ABMs with NodeTimers, crafting fixes)
  • Updated itemframes (support custom item textures)
  • Updated mesecons (LuaC string.split, pressure plates improvements)
  • Updated mesecons_debug (fix crashes)
  • Updated mobs_monster (new fireball texture)
  • Updated mobs_redo (code improvements)
  • Updated stairsplus (support for more aliases)
  • Updated pride_flags (new polyamorous flag)
  • Updated signs_bot (beduino support, disable heavy LBM)
  • Updated ta_addons (fix logic error)
  • Updated techage (fixes, TA4 node detecor, gaze sensor, flipflop)
  • Updated travelnet (new storage, fixes)
  • Updated unified_inventory (crash fix, staff teleport)
  • Removed the /toggle_choppy command (was never in use)
  • Removed the /c move command
  • Removed rhotator (replaced by omnidriver)


  • Fixed multiple archtec_playerdata crashes
  • Fixed a crash the using the chainsaw


  • Applied a patch to fix the broken chainsaw
  • Applied a patch to fix not working tool breakage warnings


  • Applied a patch to fix negative free-votes counters


  • Applied a patch to let Matterbridge show Display names with higher priority than User names


  • Added an ingame FAQ/Wiki (chatcommand: /faq) thanks to miz and EDWIR
  • Added translation support for archtec_ mods
  • Added a way for players to create public chat channels (see /faq)
  • Added undigable nodes for an unrestricted post office
  • Added automatic priv cleanup and removed some not needed default privs
  • Added adv_keys (multiple-use skeleton key)
  • /stats shows now if a player fulfills the criterias to gain a priv
  • Refactored big parts of the archtec_ mods
  • Updated abriglass (add ghost crystal recipe, improve upgrade code)
  • Updated action_queues (serverstep queue fixes)
  • Updated atm (rename currency to MG, better formspec, german translation)
  • Updated basic_signs (cleanup, update german translation)
  • Updated bees (smoker node check)
  • Updated bonemeal (add support for bushes_classic nodes)
  • Updated customskins (remove /skin command)
  • Updated digicolor (add save button)
  • Updated display_modpack (fix digital clock nodebox, code quality)
  • Updated drawers (fix weird lokking drawer formspec)
  • Updated dreambuilder_hotbar (new storage backend, fixes)
  • Updated ethereal (fix rod uses, rework ABM overrides)
  • Updated facade (fix use of deprecated functions)
  • Updated farming (add mayonnaise and gingerbread man)
  • Updated fireworkz (fix use of deprecated functions)
  • Updated fmod (add async env support)
  • Updated futil (many improvements)
  • Updated jonez (fix use of deprecated functions, remove unused logging)
  • Updated led_marquee (maintenance, add german translation)
  • Updated mobs_animal (fix broken sheep dye`ing)
  • Updated mobs_redo (mono sounds, add custom runaway nodes)
  • Updated moreblocks (add whitelist mode)
  • Updated moretrees (run NodeTimer LBM only once)
  • Updated mydoors (add sliding door crafts, fix garage door not opening)
  • Updated nixie_tubes (maintenance, add german translation)
  • Updated plantlife (replace biome_lib part 1, cleanup codebase, fixes)
  • Updated replacer (fix crash if to_plac_node does not exist)
  • Updated signs_bot (fix crash when bot is dug by fake player)
  • Updated signs_lib (add spanish translation, improve german translation)
  • Updated smartshop (fix node orientation, cleanup)
  • Updated techage (fix quarry dig depth, fix meltingpot rendering)
  • Updated telemosaic (add logging)
  • Updated titanium (more mtg like crafts)
  • Updated travelnet (improve german translation)
  • Updated unified_inventory (fix existence check when itemstring contains meta)
  • Updated xdecor (major overhaul, use floss textures)


  • Fixed broken chainsaw condition detection
  • Fixed death messages were sent to Discord with escape sequences


  • Added a chatbridge from #general on Discord to #archtec on (IRC)
  • Updated LuaJIT to 72efc42e


  • Downgraded LuaJIT to version 8635cbab


  • Added a formspec to warn players about the upcoming server address change


  • Added ambience (adds maney environment sounds)
  • Added ta_apiary (add automated honey and wax production), thx Olesya
  • Added new FAQ entries (Areas, TNT and explosions, Biofuel)
  • Added “Empty Canister of Biofuel” for TA usage
  • Added doclib (new TA & Signs Bot depend for docs)
  • All TenPlus1 mods dropped 0.4 support
  • Updated 3d_armor (add german translation, fix crash)
  • Updated areas (fix orthography)
  • Updated castle_farming (cleanup repo)
  • Updated castle_gates (fix spanish translation)
  • Updated castle_storage (cleanup repo)
  • Updated compost (fix node drops)
  • Updated cottages (fix simple table recipe)
  • Updated display_modpack (add french translation, escape content)
  • Updated drawers (fix broken translations)
  • Updated ethereal (update translation)
  • Updated farming (update translations)
  • Updated fmod (better version check)
  • Updated futil (add pattern matcher)
  • Updated hangglider (full redo, fix many physics bugs)
  • Updated homedecor (update translations)
  • Updated hopper (update translations)
  • Updated itemframes (add translation support)
  • Updated lcdlib (change the horizontal alignment behavior)
  • Updated led_marquee (document settings, tweak settings a bit)
  • Updated mesecons (add german translation)
  • Updated minecart (add doclib manual)
  • Updated mob_horse (code tidy)
  • Updated mobs_animal (code tidy)
  • Updated mobs_monster (code tidy)
  • Updated mobs_npc (code tidy)
  • Updated mobs_redo (code improvements)
  • Updated mymillwork (fix client side warnings)
  • Updated plantlife (add attached_node group to poisonivy nodes)
  • Updated signs_bot (add doclib manual)
  • Updated techage (add TA2 clutch, use doclib manual)
  • Updated technic_chests (add locked chests recipe using padlocks)
  • Updated travelnet (make sounds mono, mcl support)
  • Updated wine (fix kefir recipe)
  • Updated xdecor (fix stone tile recipe conflict)
  • Removed intllib (not needed anymore, yay!)


  • Added ingame chat and Discord #general bridges to Matrix and IRC
  • Updated bones (fix that items are sometimes dropped instead of kept)


  • Updated the mapserver nodecolor database (shows almost all nodes on the mapserver correctly colored)


  • Changed the server address from “” to “”

2023-10-01 2

  • Added a player XP ranking (/rank)
  • Added a playerlist (visible by pressing the Zoom key)
  • Added default channels (/c default <channel name>)
  • Added persistent channels (you will automatically rejoin channels after login)
  • Added a fake mailbox for the spawn post
  • Updated anvil (fix a way to steal items of other players, cleanup)
  • Updated areas (areas_high_limit is now automatically requested)
  • Updated autobahn (fix speed bug)
  • Updated bakedclay (add spanish translation)
  • Updated bees (prevent bee damage glitches)
  • Updated castle_gates (cleanup, fix wrong translation)
  • Updated compost (proper creative check)
  • Updated display_modpack (change font button in boards)
  • Updated ethereal (fix crystal ingot recipe)
  • Updated farming (better nodetimers)
  • Updated mobs_animal (chickens eat seeds on ground)
  • Updated networks (support for unifieddyes nodes)
  • Updated plantlife (protection check for vines, proper creative mode check)
  • Updated signs_bot (TA assembly tool support)
  • Updated techage (add TA assembly tool, fix TA 3 mesecon converter)
  • Updated techpack_stairway (add stairways without handrails)
  • Updated xban2 (use new json storage backend)
  • Updated xdecor (enchant more tools (techage, mopreores, ethereal))
  • Changed the color of all grey chatmessages to be better readable
  • Fixed sometimes not working teleport requests
  • Fixed the (broken) VPN blocker
  • Removed prefab:boat


  • Fixed not updating list in /rank
  • Changed the min XP to be in /rank to 10,000


  • Enable ta_apiary (sorry, I had a typo in the config)


  • Added a server monitoring system (
  • Added halloween monsters (can be placed by staff members)
  • Added an emoji parser to replace often used emojis by their names
  • Increased cart speed a bit
  • Increased idlekick time to 1h
  • Reduced visible player range to 1000 nodes
  • Updated ambience (add esperanto translation)
  • Updated bees (add french translation)
  • Updated bonemeal (tweak sapling chance a bit)
  • Updated ethereal (add french translation)
  • Updated farming (improve scythe, add french translation)
  • Updated homedecor (fix fancy fire particlespawner)
  • Updated mob_horse (increase stepheight to 1.2)
  • Updated mobs_redo (tweak mob behavior in fire)
  • Updated mydoors (fix locked door protection)
  • Updated plantlife (remove biome_lib usage from some mods, please report bugs!)
  • Updated signs_bot (fix copy pattern)
  • Updated techage (fix burn and concentrator bugs)
  • Updated travelnet (add /travelnet command to search for travelnets (staff only))
  • Updated unified_inventory (don`t show too long item names)
  • Updated wine (add french translation)


  • Fixed broken player detectors
  • Enabled unlimited visible player range (again)


  • Fixed crash when placing minecart:manual (replaced by techage:construction_board)

Introduction of new player-oriented changelogs (much shorter and less technical)


  • !!! New changelog format, please give feedback !!!
  • Added Shared Armor Stands
  • Added configurable dummies (currently for spawnbuilders only)
  • Replacers can now handle more nodeteypes
  • Smartshops now accept items w/ metadata as payment
  • Improved techage collider documentation (+ improved collider behavior)
  • Improved unifieddyes behavior w/ special nodes
  • Fixed farming hemp fibre recipe
  • Fixed fireworkz rocket collisionbox (to collide w/ nodes)
  • Usual translation updates and bugfixes


  • Fixed a denial-of-service attack vector in display_modpack


  • Added snow particles effect (can be disabled in the player settings menu)
  • Fixed broken castle_masonry:stonewall recipe
  • Improved denial-of-service fix in display_modpack


  • Updated Minetest to version 5.8.0 (including MTG)
  • Updated LuaJIT to latest master


  • Dummies are now available for all players (spawn one via /spawndummy)
  • Deleted chatplus namecolors for players who didn`t join for over a year now


  • Fixed that dummies have not been assigned to the correct owner


  • Restored old mtg 5.7 water textures (the new ones are very ugly)


  • Updated mapserver to version 4.8.0 (latest release)



  • Added an overhauled darkage mapgen (all darkage items generate again in the world)
  • Added default:dry_dirt + group:water_bucket -> default:dirt as a recipe
  • Improved dummies (limited nametag length, protection checks, “Name Tag” instead of “Nametag”)
  • Made ethereal:glostone sawable
  • Increased the signs_bot accu capacity from 600 to 900 units (+50%)
  • Increased speed of carts by 1 node per second (8 -> 9 nodes)
  • Fixed many node transparency issues when using minetest 5.9.0-dev clients
  • Fixed douglas/fir trees sizes recorded by choppy (the chainsaw backend)
  • Fixed mesecons pistons could destroy beds
  • Fixed techage assembly tool didn`t respect non-empty chests
  • Tweaked chicken drops (chance of dropping a feather)
  • Tweaked sliding door groups (can be dug by axes now)
  • Usual translation updates and minor bugfixes


  • Upgraded PostgreSQL database connections to unix sockets (much faster and less latency connection)
  • Disabled snow mode


  • Disabled the inventory circular saw (invsaw) due to item duplication issues caused by the Minetest engine


  • Fixed a crash caused by broken string-formatting in the smartshop mod


  • Reworked the player teleport commands /tpr and /tp2me (better position finder, players which are attached to something won`t get teleported anymore)
  • Reworked the settings UI (new design, moved namecolor setting to here)
  • Improved the /faq UI (the content got many improvements too!)
  • Improved the /news UI (design with colors, clickable links)
  • Added reverse mode to TA5 pump
  • Added support for comma-seperated list of nodes in node detectors
  • Fixed mesecons delayer got stuck on 1-tick pulses
  • Fixed items in techage tubes could be lost when the player inventory was full
  • Fixed jump command of signs_bot when a colon (:) was in the command
  • Fixed some texture alpha issues
  • Improved automatic categorization of unified_inventory – REVERTED DUE TO SOME ISSUES
  • Reworked the /watch and /unwatch commands (staff only)
  • Disabled builtin profiler (small performance boost)
  • Usual translation updates and minor bugfixes

2024-02-01 2

  • Fixed a crash caused by not loaded namecolor data
  • Reverted unified_inventory update due to some categorization issues and a crash


  • Added an “auto-vote YES for day votes” setting (can be found in the player settings UI)
  • Increased signs_bot limit to 10 bots in a radius of 16 nodes
  • Fixed tpr/tp2me bugs which wre introduced by the last update


  • Corals and seaweed by ethereal are now rendered without air bubbles underwater
  • Made screwdriver repairable by anvil
  • Fixed players being able to vote twice due to auto-vote
  • Fixed crash in streets when placing a sign in creative mode with the replacer
  • Drawers don`t accept items with metadata anymore
  • Improved tpr position finder
  • Usual translation updates and minor bugfixes


  • Fixed IRC/Libera bot charset (non ascii -> discord/matrix works now)


  • Reworked the UIs of /stats and /rank (new design, top 3 get trophies)
  • Added support for dummy animations (sit, stand, lay)
  • Added new kick message for idle players
  • Enabled xdecor chess game
  • Fixed TA energy storage spawns infinitely red gravel
  • Fixed jonez Ancient Wrought Lattice recipe
  • Fixed missing texture in itemframes on newer clients
  • Fixed digiline crashes when NaN values were sent
  • Removed moreblocks/stairsplus translations as most were incorrect
  • Usual translation updates and minor bugfixes


  • Add /tell <name> <msg> chatcommand to send messages to offline players
  • Add searchbox to the ingame FAQ
  • Add UI with drafts function to /report
  • Add enchanted Titanium tools
  • Add [Builder] tag/rank for spawnbuilders
  • Add /forceload_verify chatcommand to check if your forceload blocks work
  • Dummies now collide with players and mobs
  • Modify XP calculation (playtime gives much less XP now)
  • Pebbles (by plantlife) can now be dug by hand
  • Fix that enchanted Meridium tools were not glowing
  • Fix sometimes visible escape sequences on posters
  • Fix recipes of Blue Door 1 and Blue Shutters 1
  • Fix TA3 screwdriver couldn`t be repaired by anvil
  • Fix crash when using /stats with certain long inactive players
  • Preserve color of hangglider on repair


  • Fix /report didn`t work


  • Fix crafting bench item duplication bug


  • Fixed random crash in PvP checks when hit by a mob


  • Added speed boost when pressing the E key (aux1)
  • Added food particles when eating things
  • Added pressure plate support to all mydoors locked door variants
  • Added Ukrainian-specific Cyrillic letters to signs_lib
  • Added new special mailbox type (expect cool stuff soon!)
  • Added new Techage command buttons
  • Using the Chainsaw does not exhaust the hunger anymore
  • Fixed that the underground was visible through building_blocks glass nodes
  • Fixed “Straw” -> “Bound Straw” recipe
  • Fixed rendering issue in the TA Forceload Block UI
  • Fixed Admins got the “[Builder]” rank
  • Reduced speed boost by Mithril Boots
  • Increased required time to dig Banners and Labels


  • Fixed displayed required time for placing buckets
  • Fixed displayed required time for creating areas


  • Added rideable & colorizable bikes
  • Added new brown mushroom biome
  • Added safe variants of string.rep() and string.find() to Techage Lua Controller
  • Added TA4 Doser recipe for Water -> River Water + Salt Crystal
  • Improved the look of Mesecon Delayer, Mesecon Piston(s) and Mesecon Torch
  • Fixed enchanted Crystal Shovels losing their silktouch capabilities
  • Fixed broken physics after sitting on ts_furniture seats
  • Reduced stamina impact of crafting and sprinting
  • Removed Libera.Chat/IRC chatbridge
  • Ported Vines generation to Minetest API (the generated stuff should mostly look like before)
  • Ported caverealms, farming and ethereal mapgen to new API which allows more performant mapgen in the future
  • Usual translation updates and minor bugfixes


  • Fixed crash when accepting a teleport-request (/ok)
  • Fixed crash when stripping a trunk node